Even Angels Have Flaws

“The most authentic thing about us is our capacity to create, to overcome, to endure, to transform, to love, and to be greater than our suffering.”

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Banners Emily Prentiss ♥

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this is my favorite photo set. always will be. 

Re’blogging this coz i seriously *died* !.

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no one really finishes tv series

tv series finish us

Happy early Birthday pagetjunior

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Happy early Birthday pagetjunior

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"I believe that Hotch can't be himself in his marriage and that is one of the biggest thing for him! And why I believe he was turning to Emily as the seasons went"

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Agree and disagree (cop out, I know)

Disagree: I don’t think Hotch ever didn’t know who he was. Unless you count shoving it down. Like that darker version of himself, with shadows and good days and bad days.

Because fundamentally, I think Hotch believes in molding yourself. I don’t think he fully accepts the premise that “life happens”. I think he believes too heavily in free will and the ability to choose, so he feels like you should always be able to choose who to be. I think he thought he could become whomever he wanted, and that meant the man that Haley wanted.

Which is a perfect segue to…

Agree: I think he clung pretty hard to the way he and Haley “had been” and I think that’s not who he grew into with the BAU. I think when he and Haley started, it was exactly him. But the BAU changed that because the BAU changes people, and the person he had to be to be an agent was not someone compatible with the man Haley wanted him to be. 

And I will agree, to the ends of the earth and beyond, that Emily is a woman who would understand that. She has her own seriously dark pockets and I think if anyone’s going to be able to balance out what he’s trying to work with, it’s her. I think too, she’d understand that you can’t always separate work and home, and would work with him on bad days to cope rather than make him shove it all down and be the perfect significant other. 



"headcanon: Rossi knew that Emily wasn't really dead, and that's why it was so easy for him to accept her coming back"

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My actual headcanon. No explanation necessary. 

I will say this though: I’ve always believed this. The way he reacted didn’t make sense otherwise. He didn’t question anything about the whole situation, didn’t ask her to explain, didn’t ask for anything. The only logical explanation to me was that he knew the whole time. 

Well, and he just trusted them all. Because the Rossi+Emily brotp is one of my all-time favourites on this show

30 Day Drabble Challenge

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So I came across this post for a 30 Day Drabble Challenge and figured it was a good way to keep the writing muscles working. 

Day 20: Sunset (Hotch & Prentiss)

(Master List Here)

G rating.

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reading fics that are so good at handling the characters that you can hear their dialogue in their voices and actually imagine the scenarios being presented like

hell yeah

hell yeah

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Make me choose
anon asked: Criminal Minds or Castle

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